How to Plan a Company Retreat
in Costa Rica

There are so many reasons and motivations to plan a company retreat in Costa Rica. Whether you’re planning on team-building, focusing on wellness, going maximum adventure, or creating incentives via a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you have goals. You require versatility. And you’re likely not quite sure where to begin.

This is a great starting point.

Costa Rica is a world-renowned destination. Known for our spectacular beaches and sparkling oceans, vast biodiversity and wild landscapes, upscale accommodations and first-class services – for a bevy of amenities and natural beauty and luxuries that are almost impossible to match. It’s a perfect spot to host your retreat.

No matter your goal, whatever your focus, Costa Rica can accommodate you. And Tamarindo, located on the country’s north-Pacific coast, is one of the country’s most popular retreat locales. For good reason. Many good reasons, in fact. So, we thought we’d share some of our expertise, planning know-how, and advice.

From best practices and tips to what to do and how to treat yourselves, this guide to planning a company retreat in Costa Rica will get you started. Learn best practices. Find your inspiration. Glean some tips. And then, begin dreaming, start planning, and get hyped. Because Tamarindo is going to wow you!

How to Plan an Exceptional Company Retreat in Costa Rica: 9 Tips & Best Practices

No two retreats are created equal, but there are still some commonalities that apply to most. So, start here, with these nine retreat best practices and planning tips to get you started for success, whatever your purpose.

Tip #1: State Your Objective

Before you even begin your planning, it’s important to set a clear goal for your company retreat in Costa Rica: What outcomes do you seek? What do you hope to inspire or achieve during the retreat? What benefits should attendees and the company derive from it?

If you already have a well-defined goal, then you’re well ahead of the game. This goal will serve as your guide to planning and organizing your retreat. On the flip side, if you’ve yet to identify a specific purpose, not to worry! You have time (and the time is now). Here are a few considerations that may help you clarify your retreat goals:

  • Are you trying to collectively address and solve a specific problem, such as defining (or refining) company values? Are you focusing on wellness, adventure, and other incentives? Are you determining a new direction for the company? Or are you establishing goals for the future?
  • Is there an aspect of your company culture that you’d like to improve, refine, or develop? This will depend largely on your company, but could range from fostering improved communication to creating a more inclusive and welcoming workplace.
  • Will this retreat serve as a chance to provide a specific type of training? For example, are you catering to recent promotions or teaching to a new method, technology, or training program?
  • Are you planning to focus your company retreat in Costa Rica on celebrating attendee or company achievements and/or boosting morale?

The key here is that there’s a corporate retreat type to suit almost any goal; you simply have to identify and then hone yours. Having clarity regarding your objective, before you begin the official planning process, is vital to the retreat’s success.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Location for Your Company Retreat

While “right” is both a strong and a relative term, we’ll bet you can come close to “just right” when selecting the venue for your retreat.

Since you’re here, we’ll assume that you’ve settled on a company retreat in Costa Rica. But that’s only part of the equation: Where will you settle in Costa Rica? Because location – as other factors, including time of year (weather) and accommodations – will significantly influence your retreat’s tone; it’s imperative to choose a destination that not only accommodates your desired team-building activities (see below) but also exudes a certain “wow” factor.

As far as Costa Rica, specifically, is concerned, consider elements like nature (rainforest vs. mountains vs. oceanfront, for example), upscale amenities, things to do, travel time, and uniqueness – or, more likely, a combination of these factors.

It goes without saying that location may be one of the most important factors to consider when planning your retreat. Premium retreat locations, like Tamarindo and our own Boho Retreat center, incorporate incredible first-time experiences and team-building activities, while encouraging relaxation and exploration during free time, fostering both socialization and moments of solitude.

So, when evaluating venues, consider factors like accommodations, facilities, communal spaces,  nearby activities, services and amenities, convenience, and the variety of food options. Ensure that a location is not overly challenging to reach, especially as your attendees are already flying to Costa Rica. A “just right” location loses a bit of its luster when it involves many post-airport hours to reach your final destination. (Tamarindo is about 75-90 minutes from the Guanacaste airport.)

Tip #3: Don’t Overload Your Retreat Schedule – and Leave Plenty of Time for Play

Just as you would craft an agenda for a workshop or team meeting, it’s also essential to create an itinerary for your company retreat. Keep in mind, though, that this is a retreat: your primary focus shouldn’t revolve solely around maximizing productivity or cramming in the most activities possible.

While workshops, group sessions, and even scheduled wellness activities (ex. sunrise yoga) are valuable for advancing your retreat goals, they can still take a toll. Don’t over-schedule your retreat participants, or they’ll likely seek solitude rather than teamwork by day’s end. That’s where your well-conceived itinerary saves the day.

For sure, you should plan out the workshops and group sessions essential to your company retreat, but keep them essential. Remember, you can always add an extra session or training activity when you’re back home; while you’re on a company retreat in Costa Rica, it’s important to ensure opportunities for fun, spontaneous team building, and downtime.

As you build your retreat schedule, strive for equilibrium. Allow people to enjoy their time in Tamarindo. Give them time to relax and rebuild their energy. And build in enough flexibility for attendees to sit down to an afternoon cafecito, to stroll along the beach, or take a swim at their own pace.

Tip #4: Infuse Joy

The most memorable company retreats are those that are fun. Ideally, you’ll choose a location that not only contributes to this ambiance of joy, but demands it. This puts your attendees in the vacation mindset, which is where you want them to be: Your retreat has a definite goal, but you won’t achieve it if your attendees aren’t having a good time.

Again, we’ll state the obvious: This is a retreat, not a boardroom. So, lean in and embrace the retreat aspect. Incorporate activities designed for joy and recreation, while recognizing that “fun” will look different for everyone at your retreat.

Tip: Steer clear of conventional (and too-overdone) team-building exercises like raft building or “trust falls.” Instead, focus on activities that resonate with your participants and genuinely excite them. When planning a retreat in Tamarindo, this will include activities like:

  • Beach-hopping (which can include surfing, snorkeling, and swimming)
  • Sportfishing
  • Sunset sailing
  • Canopy zip-line tours
  • Yoga, spa treatments, and other wellness-focused activities
  • Waterfall hikes
  • ATV off-roading
  • Game night

We’ll highlight more on Tamarindo’s diverse activities, below.

Tip #5: Consider the Diversity of Your Participants

A retreat does not exist in a vacuum: Your participants are a huge part of the equation. And, as with all people, your attendees are diverse. Some are social butterflies who relish continuous interaction, whereas some others may require privacy to recharge.

You’ll also note that your participants have diverse dietary preferences and lifestyles: Some may abstain from alcohol, others may follow specific diets, and not everyone will participate in intense physical activities. Recognizing and honoring these differences is essential.

Ensuring that your corporate retreat is tailored for inclusivity and accessibility is a sign of respect and an essential ingredient to success. Prioritize equal opportunities for everyone to participate and enjoy the experience. Plan diverse food options, and carefully consider activities to prevent exclusion or discomfort.

Tip #6: Work with a Local Expert

If local expertise is helpful for even a Costa Rica vacation, then it’s absolutely essential for a corporate retreat. After all, there are many moving parts to a successful retreat.

That said, you won’t need a professional retreat facilitator; working with a local travel planning expert – someone skilled in everyting from booking activities to private chefs, local transportation, and more – will likely be sufficient to ensure success for your retreat.

Note: At Boho Tamarindo Retreat, our onsite staff is well-versed in all local tours, attractions, services, and amenities. From booking team-building activities and restaurant reservations to coordinating yoga sessions and a private chef for a team night in, we’ll provide the local expertise, retreat planning know-how, and logistics to realize your vision.

Tip #7: Communicate with Clarity

While a company retreat excels at team-building and encouraging participants to step outside their comfort zones, you don’t want the process to create pre-retreat anxiety. Make it fun. Build excitement. And mitigate any hesitation or anxiety through proactive and transparent communication, well in advance.

Your participants will need and want to know:

  • The exact dates and location of the retreat
  • Accommodation details
  • Transportation arrangements (if provided)
  • The retreat’s purpose and anticipated outcomes
  • Any preparations required beforehand
  • The agenda/itinerary
  • Expectations regarding work-related responsibilities and day-to-day operational tasks during the retreat

Effective communication in advance of your company retreat in Costa Rica will foster a sense of ease, establishing a positive tone for a relaxed, productive, and enjoyable getaway.

Tip #8: Define Actionable Steps to Conclude Your Retreat

You begin your retreat with a goal in mind, but don’t stop there! As the retreat draws to a close, allocate time for everyone to meet, discuss successes, and create action points to turn the retreat’s insights into tangible actions. Then, identify the necessary steps to continue working toward your goal – because it won’t end with your retreat – and clarify participant responsibilities to implement these changes.

It will help to commit, verbally and in writing, as a team, to specific and actionable measures to ensure an enduring impact from your company retreat. After all, the goal is for its influence to extend beyond the event itself – and this is pivotal for achieving your initial objectives and communicating your appreciation for everyone’s participation.

Tip #9: Ask for Feedback

It’s no secret that organizing a successful company retreat in Costa Rica is a considerable undertaking.

Certainly, there will be pieces of the journey that unfold smoothly and others that will bump down a few potholes to paradise. There’s always room to improve, right? So, following the retreat, be sure to request feedback via a short survey or questionnaire. To encourage honesty, consider allowing participants to respond anonymously.

Use this feedback as you prepare your next company retreat. Consider reported weaknesses and areas of concern, so you can guarantee even greater success the next time.

Tamarindo Team-Building and Activities for your Company Retreat in Costa Rica

When planning a company retreat in Tamarindo, revisit your objectives. What accomplishments are you aiming for – and what specific team-building activities do you envision complement with those goals?

Understanding these elements will facilitate the planning process, allowing you and Boho’s local planning expert to incorporate suitable activities while infusing ample enjoyment and entertainment.

The great news is that Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s premier destinations, not only for its breathtaking beaches and exceptional activities but also for its central location, world-class dining, upscale accommodations, and superb nightlife.

By embracing Costa Rica’s thrilling bucket list adventures, your company retreat in Tamarindo can seamlessly integrate effective team-building activities. Take your group and bond over shared adventures and memorable activities. Here are a few of the options on the menu:

  1. Surfing: Tamarindo boasts world-renowned surf, offering suitable spots for both beginner and intermediate surfers, as well as challenging and world-renowned breaks only for experts. A group surfing lesson fosters camaraderie and team building.
  2. Sportfishing: Recognized as one of Costa Rica’s best locations for nearshore and offshore sportfishing, the Tamarindo area appeals to both novice and avid anglers. Elevate your sportfishing experience on an upscale boat with an expert crew, while you build camaraderie and make memories.
  3. Snorkeling & Sunset Sailing: For an incredibly enjoyable, relaxation-centric retreat activity, catamaran sailing is a top pick. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and catamaran hammocks by day, paired with breathtaking sunsets, delectable food, and beverages later on – a luxurious reward for a job well done.
  4. Turtle Nesting: Enhance group bonding with a night tour to Las Baulas National Park or Ostional Wildlife Refuge during turtle nesting season. These internationally renowned nesting sites for leatherback and olive ridley sea turtles promises an unforgettable and meaningful experience.
  5. Yoga & Wellness: Costa Rica, and particularly our beautiful area of Tamarindo, are famous for yoga and wellness pursuits, and there’s no better way to calm nerves, promote comprehensive wellness, and build a great mindset than with retreat yoga, meditation, and even spa services.
  6. Canopy / Zipline Tours: Is it a company retreat in Costa Rica without a hefty dose of adrenaline? Book a canopy zip-lining tour and soar off sky-high platforms, swing through the canopy, navigate a thrilling rappel, and experience high-octane fun.
  7. Snorkeling or Scuba Diving: Explore Costa Rica’s rich underwater world, guided by experienced captains who know the best spots for spotting manta rays, reef sharks, octopuses, and more.
  8. Mangrove Tours: Immerse yourself in Tamarindo’s unique biodiversity on a mangrove tour. Traverse canals via kayak or motorboat in search of wildlife sightings, including crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, and diverse bird species.

It doesn’t stop here. Tamarindo offers a wide variety of activities, such as tubing/rafting, horseback riding, ATV tours, ocean kayaking, luxury spa days, and day trips to Palo Verde National Park and Rincón de la Vieja National Park. Costa Rica provides an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable and enriching company retreat experience.

Add-Ons: Building Incentives & Extras into Your Retreat

Tamarindo’s well-established travel, tourism, and retreat infrastructure has been tailor-built to create an incredible destination and venue for your retreat.

In addition to a robust menu of tours and activities, Tamarindo offers an incredible variety of retreat incentives, add-ons, and extras for your participants. Whether you’re treating the group or incentivizing attendees to reach a specific reward, Boho Retreat is equipped to help you imagine, create, and realize almost any add-on you could desire. For example:

  • Private Chef: Plan a night in while feasting on fine dining! When you reserve a local, private chef, you’ll enjoy a private night in – perfect for meaningful conversation – while designing a delicious, often locally inspired menu that your attendees will long remember.
  • Spa Services: From manicures to massages, we can help you arrange in-retreat spa services.
  • Game Nights: Our common areas are pre-stocked with board games. And if you’d like to arrange a more formal game night, let us know!
  • And More: The beauty of Tamarindo and Boho Retreat is that we’re well-prepared for almost anything. All you have to do is ask!

Where to Stay: Boho Tamarindo Retreat

Boho Retreat is the perfect boho-chic, consummately convenient, and wonderfully tranquil venue for workshops, team-building events, and company retreats in Costa Rica. Dive into a world where modern luxury meets nature’s tranquility, creating an ambiance of rejuvenation and inspiration.

12 Bedrooms + 11 Bathrooms = Total Retreat Privacy

Boho Retreat reserves our entire Boho Tamarindo property (12 bedrooms + 11 bathrooms) for your exclusive use.

Enjoy Boho Hotel, our modern-chic hotel offering 8 pool-view and garden-view ensuite bedrooms, laid-back elegance, and bed-and-breakfast charm. Boho House adds 4 tastefully appointed bedrooms and 3 well-fitted bathrooms, plus a well-equipped gourmet kitchen, living, and dining areas. You will also have exclusive access to our outdoor swimming pool and other amenities (see below).

Tamarindo’s Adventure Central

Our retreat facilities are located just across the road from the beach and within easy walking distance of both Tamarindo and Langosta.

Our expansive complex sets the stage for an unforgettable retreat, by seamlessly integrating modern accommodations with chic amenities, including a swimming pool, communal spaces, and “The Deck” space, ideal for yoga, massages, and birdwatching. We’re located just across the road from the beach, dropping you directly into the action: surfing, wildlife watching, waterfall explorations, ATVs, canopy tours, SCUBA and snorkeling, turtle nesting, and other Costa Rican adventures.

Local Expertise

Boho Retreat is a local kind of place and our onsite staff is well versed in everything Tamarindo. Our knowledgeable local experts will help you plan your tours, excursions, services, and amenities.

From booking team-building activities and restaurant reservations to coordinating yoga sessions and a team night in, we’ll provide the local expertise, retreat planning know-how, and logistics to realize your vision.

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